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Alva Energi rural electrification project in Sumba

Rural Electrification

I started my solar energy journey because I realised that I can contribute to those who are in need, especially those without electricity access. I have been channeling my expertise in rural electrification through Alva Energi in our off-grid community projects, through Ulu Initiative, an NGO focusing on providing access to electricity and clean water in Sumba island, Indonesia, as well as through collaborating with other sustainable energy experts in writing a book titled Sustainable Energy Solutions for Remote Areas in the Tropics.

If you represent a company who would like to contribute to unelectrified communities as part of your CSR, or are an individual/group who would like to learn more and join us in our rural electrification project, please reach out!


As I have been helped by many people throughout my journey, I am also more than happy to share my knowledge and expertise with others, whether as a speaker in events or as a mentor for individuals and organisations. I am currently a mentor for Future City, the smart city hackathon organised by Jakarta Smart City, and for MIMPI Movement, a social enterprise which aims to empower and enable Indonesian youths in pursuing quality higher education.

Please feel free to reach out if you or your organisation would like to benefit from my expertise in solar energy, research, or business.

Alva Energi solar panel installation in Sumba


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